Ministry Staff

Meet the Ministry Staff of Ascent

Bob Cheney - Lead Pastor

Bob Cheney came on as the Lead Pastor at Ascent in the Summer of 2019, serving as the lead creator of Ascent's mission and vision, lead teaching pastor, as well as overseer of all church ministries. Bob is married to his wife of 10+ years, Alisha. He loves to read, hike, and work with his hands. Bob and Alisha have 3 awesome kiddos, Ayden, Archer and Addison.

Ashley Zeiler- Church Operations Coordinator

Ashley Zeiler came on as Church Operations Coordinator at Ascent May of 2022, serving as chief architect of ministry structures for Ascent's mission and vision. She also oversees staff/leader development and office administration. Ashley is married to her husband Stephen of 10+ years. She loves planners, warm blankets, and spending time with her family. Ashley and Stephen have 2 beautiful kids, Mackenzie and Stephen.

Marcus Ingram - Rising Gens Pastor

Marcus Ingram joined the Ascent staff in Summer of 2020 as the Rising Gens Pastor, overseeing Ascent's kids and youth ministries. Marcus is married to his wife Kelsie of over 6 years. Marcus spent many years growing up overseas in Ecuador and Singapore. He enjoys the outdoors, hiking, frisbee golf, soccer and being a gamer!